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2023 New Arrivals

2023 புதிய வெளியீடுகள் அனைத்தையும் ஒரே இடத்தில் பெற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்...

THE POISONED DREAM | விடமேறிய கனவு
-5 %
"What happened was a catastrophe. It is not over yet." A thirty year long civil war ended in Sri Lanka in May 2009 when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were defeated by the Sri Lankan military. The Tamils who survived the war were detained in camps. Those suspected of being Tamil Tigers were s..
₹379 ₹399
The White Elephant
-5 %
One dark night in the Chozha Empire, General Vijayarajendra Moovendha Velaan sets out on a royal mission— to secretly transport to safety the famed statue of the Chalukya city of Kalyani. But the general never makes it to his destination. No one knows what happened to him, or the treasures he carri..
₹114 ₹120
TRAILBLAZERS - First Women Of South India
-5 %
By telling the history of the ‘The First Women of South India’ and the way these women constructed history, this book sheds light on them. Through the biographies of these successful women, this book tells us that the experiences and achievements of women depended on family, caste, class, the public..
₹285 ₹300
Unveiling the Unseen : The Art and Science of Non-Destructive Testing
-5 %
Publisher: Test Publications
Have you ever wondered why, when we visit the hospital, doctors recommend various tests like CT scans and MRIs? What makes these tests so costly, and are they safe for our bodies? In a simple English book, suitable for everyone from school to college, we'll explore these questions. We'll discover ho..
₹152 ₹160
Wear Dupatta My Dear
-5 %
One of our best sellers that got national fame due to the incident ( geetha-ilangovan ) where tribal girl students shunned their dupattas and questioned the societal norms, this book has receive very positive review..
₹190 ₹200
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