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Arabic Dictionary
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English-Arabic, Arabic-English As the national language of nearly 20 countries in Africa and Asia, including Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, Arabic is the lingua franca of the Middle East. — 4,000 total entries — Uses a standard Arabic recognized throughout the Middle East — Incorporates the Arabic s..
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Arabic For Everyday Use
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Arabic is no longer the language of a few nomadic desert tribes, but the lingua franca of one of the richest and fast developing regions. For the large number of job seekers going to the Arab countries, some working knowledge of the language and its grammar has become a must. This book, designed as ..
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Colporul A History of Tamil Dictionaries
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Colporul: A History of Tamil DictionariesColporul traces the unique history of the evolution of Tamil dictionaries and other reference works from the earliest times to the present. Gregory James treats lexicography in the wider context of reference science, from a sociolinguistic viewpoint. He relat..
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Computational Approaches to Tamil Linguistics
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Computational Approaches to Tamil LinguisticsThis work presents in some depth a comprehensive Natural LanguageUnderstanding (NLU) system devised by the author that can account forthe linguistic principles of Tamil in computational phonology, morphology,syntax and semantics and also define suitable c..
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Hindi - English / English - Hindi Dictionary
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Hindi - English / English - Hindi Dictionary — 25,000 entries — Comprehensive guide to modern daily usage — Idiomatic and colloquial expressions — Includes administrative, commercial and professional vocabulary — Completely up-to-date — Ideal for students and travelers..
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Letter Writing Made Easy
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In Letter Writing Made Easy! author Margaret McCarthy offers sample letters for hundreds of common occasions. Need to write a thank you note? Want to dispute a bill? Having trouble expressing your feelings upon the death of a friends loved one? McCarthy has provided samples which you can use as is, ..
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Letter Writing Made Simple
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In Letter Writing Made Simple author Margaret McCarthy offers even more sample letters for hundreds of common occasions. Need to apologize to a friend? Want to complain about a rude salesperson? Having trouble expressing your feelings about a loved one’s illness? Need to thank a co-worker for his as..
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New Dimensions in Tamil Epigraphy
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New Dimensions in Tamil Epigraphy.............
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