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Farewell My Friend
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The original Bengali novel Shesher Kavita (lit. Last Poem) was published in 1929. The author draws an amusing picture of an ultra-modern Bengali intellectual whose Oxford education, while giving him a superiority complex, has induced in him a craze for conscious originality which results in a delibe..
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Greatest Russian Short Stories
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Featuring stories by: • Leo Tolstoy • Anton Chekov • Fyodor Dostoyevsky • Nikolai Gogol • Maxim Gorky • Alexander Pushkin and many others SHOWCASING BELOVED TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF RUSSIAN LITERATURE Discover the highs and lows of human experience through masterpieces such as • Alexander Pushki..
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Greatest Short Stories
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The present selection is an attempt to represent the wide range and variety of Mulk Raj Anand’s short stories. The first group represents the stories of ‘lyric awareness’. As in all poetry, the themes are elemental, such as birth and death, beauty, love and childhood, and the treatment often reveals..
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Panchatantra (Jaico)
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This masterpiece of Indian Literature contains the most widely known stories in the world. Infact, it is universally acknowledged as the best collection of stories known to civilized man. It is presented in an artistic form of wise and witty stories that has never failed to bring delight to millions..
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