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Boost Your Personal Productivity 101 Ways to Make Every Second Count goes beyond the usual time-management books to bring you a broad range of strategies and tactics for more success with less stress... for getting more done in less time. You’ll learn how to maximize your time by setting priorities,..
Stand out in the 21st century’s cut-throat business environment with superlative job- and people-skills. 16 Communication Secrets brings to you certified tips and tricks that will help you build a successful career in any workplace. Learn how to: • Manage perceptions • Manage your online and offline..
360° of Success gives you the tools and the formulas to create your 360° of personal, professional and business success. You have within you all you need to ignite your success and passion for life. But you may be missing the most effective skills for managing your four most essential resources-mone..
Achieve Your Highest Score with Proven Techniques & Strategies • Complete Coverage of the Exam • Rating System for All Problems • 100-Question Quiz on Grammar, Diction, and Idioms • The ABCs of Argument Structure • Common Wrong Answer Choices • 4-Step Approach for Writing an Argument Essay THE HIGHE..
• Contains solved papers from 2011 to 2015 exams • Contains ten practice sets with hints and solutions AFCAT Air Force Common Admission Test – Solved Problems and Practice Sets book has been specifically designed for candidates preparing for AFCAT Entrance Examination. The book contains solved exam ..
Exceptional leaders are the ones who are able to analyze problems, optimize resources, inspire loyalty, and execute strategy. There is no more stunning example in history than Alexander the Great, whose leadership skills were so immense that they still resonate some 2,000 years later. Alexander the ..
This book begins with the author, Martin Levin, adopting an aging Golden Retriever named Angel after his wife’s death. Angel inspires Levin to find an easier and more efficient way to make their lives more productive – the ultimate goal of management, dog or man. Levin draws on his six decades of ex..
The only person who can stop you from becoming what God intends you to become is you! You want to be a leader, fulfilled and fully realized, always able to take what life throws at you and stretch beyond the status quo. But for some reason, you never quite get there. You just aren’t living up to you..
Few people have ever understood salesmanship as well as Napoleon Hill. He became legend in business circles for creating effective sales courses that turned around failing companies. Hill’s philosophy of success for salesmen was simple—you, the salesman, are the most valuable asset and you need to s..
The vast majority of even solid, dependable brands toil along, achieving acceptable but unspectacular results due to an inability to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Their problem? They confuse branding with marketing, brand management with product management, and brand identity with s..
Written by authorities in the call center industry, Cases in Call Center Management brings to light the strategic importance of call centers in today’s business world. While large corporations have explicit call centers, small organizations, even if they do not designate a part of the organization a..
Chanakya in You is the charming, lighthearted yet profound tale of a man inspired by his grandfather to seek the wisdom of the Arthashastra. Journey with a modern-day disciple of Chanakya as he goes from being an aimless youth to the richest man in the world, inspiring a whole nation to take up stud..
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