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Personal Achievement
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Great Little Book on Personal Achievement helps you gain wealth, attain a fulfilling personal life and meet high career goals. Personality developmnent is a process of building and maintaining high levels of self esteem .You can change your performance by changing the way you think about yourself...
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Power Grammar
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Perfect Your Grammar Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success Power Grammar is an invaluable guide for any person who wants to master the “building blocks” of the English language, as well as take his or her spoken communication to the next level. Enjoy the benefits of your own s..
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Power Math
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Power Math is an invaluable guide for the person who wants to fine-tune his or her numerical mindset and see math in a new way. • Contains 120 all-star problems and 30 recurring math principles to help readers uncover the secrets of basic math. • Develop a feel for how numbers behave and what makes ..
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Power Thinking
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Hone Your Reasoning Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success Power Thinking addresses one of the most critical yet seldom taught skills. Reasoning skills help us make sense of the world, including how to help us bettter make decisions, tackle opportunities, evaluate claims, and s..
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Power Writing
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20 Powerful Principles for Clear and Effective Writing Ace Your Competitive Exams • Choose the best writing structure • Create powerful, memorable sentences • Understand the importance of support points • Use readability tools to enhance presentation Sharpen Your Writing Skills and Achieve Greater A..
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You Don’t Need to Be Guilty, If You Wish to be Wealthy… Are you subconsciously afraid of thinking big? Do you feel a sense of guilt towards wealth? Author Rhuyo Okawa will alter your mindset forever. In Prosperity Thinking, Okawa presents some of the most engaging ideas on wealth and success. He dem..
Research Methods for Management (With CD)
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Business research has become a bare necessity for every company, for survival and growth. With the opening of new markets and restructuring of business practices of old markets, need for information invariably drives the companies to concentrate more on their markets and customers. Research Methods ..
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Gary Neilson and Bruce Pasternak help you identify which of the seven company types you work for and how to keep what's good and fix what's wrong: Passive-Aggressive (everyone agrees, smiles and nods, but nothing changes): Entrenched underground resistance makes getting anything done like trying to ..
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Retail Banking Technology
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Banking and financial services organizations are one of the largest consumers of information technology, deploying large IT workforce worldwide. Banks have a complex landscape of technology and applications catering to their diverse information needs. It is important for the people working in banks ..
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Retail Strategies
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Shopping is one of the most challenging and rewarding human activities. Pooler offers a captivating exploration of the emotional and psychological dimensions of shopping. For those in retailing and marketing, this guide to the fickle consumer’s mindset offers concrete and practical advice on modern ..
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Science of Sales
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A book to guide you in the most rewarding directions! Typically, the journey to becoming a master salesperson is long and painful, full of trial and error, requiring perseverance and constant self-motivation. But it doesn’t have to be that way! While pundits may describe sales as an art form, the tr..
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Selling: Principles and Practice
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Selling is a crucial marketing activity in today’s highly competitive market. The sales function essentially becomes the link between the company and its customers. Sales professionals try to instill in their customers a trust that creates a bond between the customer and the marketer. This book aims..
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