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Understanding Financial Ratios In Business
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Financial statements cannot be intelligently analyzed without ratio analysis. They: — Assist in analyzing the performance of the company and comparing the performance with that of other similar companies; — Highlight the relative strengths and weaknesses of a company - whether it is profitable, fina..
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Universal Laws Of Success
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Everything happens for a reason. For every cause there is an effect, and for every effect, there is a specific cause or causes. Through Universal Laws of Success, discover the ‘laws’ that govern success, money, happiness, love, business, motivation, ability and all other aspects of self-fulfillment ..
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Unlocking Creativity In The Workplace
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Unlock your hidden potential to reach a new plane of creative thinking. This comprehensive “how-to-guide” will stimulate the creativity intrinsic to everyone. Seek out new avenues of problem solving by elevating your ability to conceive ideas. The authors take you on a journey designed to spark conf..
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Your Creative Mind
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Disrupt Your Thinking Abandon Your Comfort Zone Develop Bold New Strategies Companies tend to limit their strategies by focusing on their current strengths and how they generally go about it. This approach results into short-term satisfactions but does not help build the company’s performance platfo..
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