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Beyond Violence

Beyond Violence :Violence, Krishnamurti says, 'is like a stone dropped in a lake: the waves spread a..

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Can Humanity Change?

Can Humanity Change? :Many have considered Buddhism to be the religion closest in sprit to J.Krishna..

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Education and the Significance of Life

Education and the Significance of Life :Krishnamurti had a life-long interest in education, and this..

Rs. 150

Explorations and Insights

Explorations and Insights :This book consists of fourteen out of the several dialogues that Krishnam..

Rs. 200

Fire in the Mind

Fire in the Mind :First published in 1995 to commemorate the birth centenary of J.Krishnamurti, Fire..

Rs. 350

Freedom from the Known

Freedom from the Known :Ever since it was published in 1969, this book has rightly been regarded as ..

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Krishnamurti for Beginners

Krishnamurti for BeginnersThe best introduction to krishnamurti is krishnamurti himself-his books, v..

Rs. 250

Life Ahead

Life Ahead :As the title suggests, this book is addressed to young people, and is the first collecti..

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Meditations :This classic collection of brief excerpts from J Krishnmurti's talk and writings presen..

Rs. 150

On God

On God :This theme book contemplates our search for the sacred.'Sometimes you think life is mechanic..

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Talks With Students Varanasi 1954

Talks With Students Varanasi 1954 :This book contains authentic reports of J. Krishnamurti’s talks a..

Rs. 195

The Awakening of Intelligence

The Awakening of Intelligence :This comprehensive record of J. Krishnamurti’s teachings is an excell..

Rs. 495

The First and Last Freedom

The First and Last FreedomThe First and Last Freedom was first brought out in 1954 by a British publ..

Rs. 250

The Impossible Question

The Impossible Question:We never put the impossible question – we are always putting the question of..

Rs. 195

The World Within

The World Within :During the Second World War (1939-45) Krishnamurti did not speak publicly in the U..

Rs. 295

Think On These Things

Think On These Things:Chosen by Parabola magazine as ‘one of the hundred best spiritual books of the..

Rs. 250

This Light in Oneself-True Meditation

This Light in Oneself : True Meditation“When you observe, when you become extraordinarily aware of t..

Rs. 190