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Gomathi Krishnan (ஆசிரியர்)
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புத்தகம் இருப்பில் இல்லை என்றால், அத்தகவல் உங்களுக்குத் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டு, அதற்கான பணம் (ஷிப்பிங் சார்ஜ் இருந்தால் அதுவும் சேர்த்து) உங்களுக்குத் திருப்பித் தரப்படும்.
The history of India has been marked with the rise and fall of many dynasties. The Mughal Empire was one of the greatest and most long reigning empires on Indian soil. The foundation of the Mughal empire was established by Babar, a great warrior and conqueror who could not assimilate Indian values into the Mughal administration, which is why his successor Humayun could not keep the throne his father had won. It was Akbar who had the vision to change the old system of governance and introduce a more secular and tolerant rule. After reclaiming the Delhi throne at the young age of 14, Akbar established himself as a compassionate king, an astute administrator and a virtuous secularist. He fought many wars, both on the battlefield and off of it at times, as his new, open-minded ways were not well-accepted by all. Akbar’s ambition was not to merely subjugate his Indian subjects, but to govern them in a way which was fair, conducive to development and prosperity. Akbar and the Rise of the Mughal Empire tells the story of Akbar, who started as a child prodigy and went on to become the greatest, most revered kings of the Mughal Empire.

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