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400 Days

400 Days
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400 Days
சேத்தன் பகத் (ஆசிரியர்)
  • Edition: 1
  • Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781542094085
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paper Back
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Westland Publications
புத்தகம் 3 - 7 நாட்களில் அனுப்பி வைக்கப்படும்.
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புத்தகம் இருப்பில் இல்லை என்றால், அத்தகவல் உங்களுக்குத் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டு, அதற்கான பணம் (ஷிப்பிங் சார்ஜ் இருந்தால் அதுவும் சேர்த்து) உங்களுக்குத் திருப்பித் தரப்படும்.
12-year-old Siya has been missing nine months. It’s a cold case, but Keshav wants to help her mother, Alia, who refuses to give up. Welcome to 400 Days—a mystery and romance story like no other. ‘My daughter Siya was kidnapped. Nine months ago,’ Alia said. The police had given up. They called it a cold case. Even the rest of her family had stopped searching. Alia wouldn’t stop looking, though. She wanted to know if I could help her. Hi, I am Keshav Rajpurohit and I am a disappointment to everyone around me. I live with my parents, who keep telling me how I should a) get married, b) focus on my IPS exams, c) meet more people and d) close my detective agency. But Alia Arora, neighbour and ex-model, wanted my help. And I couldn’t take my eyes off her face … I mean, her case. Welcome to 400 Days. A mystery and romance story like none other. An unputdownable tale of suspense, human relationships, love, friendship, the crazy world we live in and, above all, a mother’s determination to never give up. From India’s highest-selling author comes a page-turner that will not only keep you glued to the story but also touch you deeply.
Book Details
Book Title 400 Days (400 Days)
Author சேத்தன் பகத் (Seththan Pakadh)
ISBN 9781542094085
Publisher Westland Publications (Westland Publications)
Pages 344
Published On Oct 2021
Year 2021
Edition 1
Format Paper Back
Category Novel | நாவல்

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