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Shashi Ambaru

Bhagat Singh was a revolutionary and martyr who sacrificed his life fighting for India’s freedom. He was Sikh by birth but a Marxist by conviction. A young man of extraordinary vision and energy, he was a revolutionary ahead of his times. At the age of 24, he was hanged for shooting a police officer..
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This is the story of Microsoft as much as that of Bill Gates and the daring decision by him and his friend Paul Allen to strike out on their own turning their backs on college education. It tells us the story of the small beginnings of Microsoft and its giant strides thereafter. He may be one of the..
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General Essays for Students class VI to XII..
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Learn to Discover your Potential..
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The great American film maker Walt Disney holds the record for the most Oscar awards won. His honours include the Legion d'Honneur in France, a special medal in 1935 from the League of Nations for creating Mickey Mouse, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964 and an honoured place in the Californi..
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