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Dhaval Bathia

In an ancient village, a retired billionaire possesses a secret diary! Within its pages are insights by which a person can attract fame, wealth and success. For over decades the old man has preserved the diary, but an unexpected series of events in his life has now forced him to reveal its contents...
In todays intensely competitive world, teachers and employers use students and job applicants exam scores as strong indicators of their future potential. By mastering the study techniques in this book, you can tap into your hidden resources for maximum performance and increased learning power. This ..
Easy Techniques to Remember Names, Faces, Calanders, Dates, Telephone Numbers, Foreign Language, Textbook Answers, Maps, Passwords, Appointmemts, Schedules, Speeches & much much more... A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE GUIDE TO MEMORY ENHANCEMENT — Can you remember a list of 20 different objects in less than ..
The addictive Sudoku puzzle has captivated millions of people across USA, UK, Australia, India and other countries. This book is intended to help a beginner understand the puzzle and learn how to solve it. Those already conversant with sudoku will discover a variety of secret tools and strategies to..
First book on Vedic Math with DVD USE THE SPECIAL DVD INCLUDED IN THE BOOK TO: • Master cube roots, square roots and squaring of numbers. • Learn the famous base method of multiplication. • See the magic of Vedic Math explained step-by-step. A SIMPLIFIED APPROACH FOR BEGINNERS… — Can you multiply 23..
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