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Brandon Royal

Achieve Your Highest Score with Proven Techniques & Strategies • Complete Coverage of the Exam • Rating System for All Problems • 100-Question Quiz on Grammar, Diction, and Idioms • The ABCs of Argument Structure • Common Wrong Answer Choices • 4-Step Approach for Writing an Argument Essay THE HIGHE..
₹ 450
Perfect Your Grammar Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success Power Grammar is an invaluable guide for any person who wants to master the “building blocks” of the English language, as well as take his or her spoken communication to the next level. Enjoy the benefits of your own s..
₹ 275
Power Math is an invaluable guide for the person who wants to fine-tune his or her numerical mindset and see math in a new way. • Contains 120 all-star problems and 30 recurring math principles to help readers uncover the secrets of basic math. • Develop a feel for how numbers behave and what makes ..
₹ 299
Hone Your Reasoning Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success Power Thinking addresses one of the most critical yet seldom taught skills. Reasoning skills help us make sense of the world, including how to help us bettter make decisions, tackle opportunities, evaluate claims, and s..
₹ 299
20 Powerful Principles for Clear and Effective Writing Ace Your Competitive Exams • Choose the best writing structure • Create powerful, memorable sentences • Understand the importance of support points • Use readability tools to enhance presentation Sharpen Your Writing Skills and Achieve Greater A..
₹ 199
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