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Karl Marx

Karl Marx's greatest work, his magnum opus, with an exquisitely designed, modernist cover, now in paperback. Engels once described Karl Marx's opus as "the Bible of the working class." Nearly a hundred and fifty years after the first publication of Volume 1 (1867), Capital "retains all its freshness..
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Wheen’s brilliant account shows that far from being a dry economic treatise, Das Kapital is like a vast novel, whose heroes are enslaved by the monster they created: capitalism. The author argues that as long as capitalism endures, Das Kapital demands to be read and understood...
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Marx and Engels were first drawn into political militancy on issue of the national unification of their native land, Germany, and the creation of a democratic republic there in stead of monarchical autocracy. They had begun studying the colonial question in diverse countries from Ireland to India an..
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The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.? Outlining the theory of communism by Marx and Engels, this political document explains the material conception of history and presents their theories and ideas of how in due course socialism would replace the capitalist..
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