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Jayanthi sankar

Anu Lal Dr. Aparna Nagda Arun Elango P. Muralidharan Prarthana JA Sandeep Koul Sredhanea Ramkrishnan Usha Nagasamy Vidya Murlidhar Devika Das Natasha Sharma Dr. Padma Arvind Kanchi Raghuram Megha Nath Sangeetha Vallat Somsubhra Banerjee Subhashini Prasad Surabhi Kaushik..
₹323 ₹340
Dangling Gandhi by Jayanthi Sankar is a collection of 12 short stories. The common theme across most of the stories is that they are set in colonial period in Singapore. The stories give us a peek into the cultural aspects of that period, including prejudices and social structures. The characters co..
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Disarmingly, charmingly simple, this book will give readers much to think about. - Usha Nagasamy, Further Education teacher, London When will you die?- an emotion in itself that many of us avoid and fear comes out as a beautiful literary rendition by Jayanthi Sankar and will stay a mystery and an ..
₹323 ₹340
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