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ஹென்றி போர்டு

ஹென்றி போர்டு
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ஹென்றி போர்டு
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புத்தகம் இருப்பில் இல்லை என்றால், அத்தகவல் உங்களுக்குத் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டு, அதற்கான பணம் (ஷிப்பிங் சார்ஜ் இருந்தால் அதுவும் சேர்த்து) உங்களுக்குத் திருப்பித் தரப்படும்.

ஹென்றி போர்டு

"Born in an era, when people had to wade through or use a horse to cross a river; Henry for his love of machines built his first self-propelled vehicle-the Quadricycle. The Quadricycle had four wire wheels that looked like heavy bicycle wheels, was steered with a tiller like a boat, and had only two forward speeds with no reverse. But his dream was globally local. Car as a commodity was a luxury. He was instrumental in making it an affordable necessity. He gave the world a new marketing byword ""I will build a car for the great multitude."" The world sat back and took notes when he proved that mass production is quantitatively and qualitatively viable. He forded the sea of difference between common men from owning a car and redefined the lifestyle of millions and the automobile industry for eternity. An entrepreneur is a person whose wants and wishes becomes the world’s need. Have you figured out what you really want? "

Book Details
Book Title ஹென்றி போர்டு (Henry Frod)
Author டாக்டர் ம.லெனின் (Dr.Ma.Lenin)
Publisher சிக்ஸ்த்சென்ஸ் (Sixthsense Publications)

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