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Feminism | பெண்ணியம்

Angels Witches Women
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The origin of this book is Neil McGregor’s ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects.’ Neil McGregor is an art historian and the head of the British Museum. He tried to narrate the story of the world by selecting 100 objects from different eras, starting from ancient artefacts, technological tools, and..
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Women who don’t conform to societal boundaries are usually stereotyped and termed as crude, crass, jaded, evil, not ‘woman-like,’ and many more. The women in this book successfully attempt to defy the defined roles and constraints to break-free from the chains of gender stereotypes and cultural oppr..
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Life of Savitribai Phule
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The book is a short biography on Savitribai Puhle, an attempt to take the tall leader to the young audience. The purpose is to stress upon the importance of education and social equity. It is really unfortunate that the history books prescribed for students in schools and colleges do not speak about..
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Listen to My Case! When Women Approach the Courts of Tamil Nadu
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Publisher: LeftWord
‘This is a book about brave women. Brave – because the process of going to court is hard; even harder when the woman is without financial or emotional support from family, custom, or the present reading of the law. It speaks powerfully to every woman, and everyone who abhors gender-based discriminat..
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TRAILBLAZERS - First Women Of South India
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By telling the history of the ‘The First Women of South India’ and the way these women constructed history, this book sheds light on them. Through the biographies of these successful women, this book tells us that the experiences and achievements of women depended on family, caste, class, the public..
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Wear Dupatta My Dear
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One of our best sellers that got national fame due to the incident ( geetha-ilangovan ) where tribal girl students shunned their dupattas and questioned the societal norms, this book has receive very positive review..
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