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ஜெய்கோ பப்ளிஷிங் ஹவுஸ்

While touring India you will see its teeming millions and unless you can make yourself understood, you may find yourself embarrassed in numerable occasions. It is to reduce such occasions to a minimum that Hindustani For The Tourist will help. Your enjoyment of travel will be enhanced when you find ..
Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people. Leaders are those who determine the area of excellence for the group. Anyone working with people, from entrepreneurs and fast-paced executives to community volunteers and medical professionals, will find the advice in  ..
You don’t have to be a great musician to appreciate great music. Nor do you need to be a great scientist to appreciate the exciting discoveries and intriguing mysteries of our universe. Dr. Robert Piccioni brings the excitement of modern scientific discoveries to general audiences. He makes the key ..
Acceptance and implementation of e-commerce and e-business technologies has brought about a major transformation in the way business is being carried out by organizations. Today, almost all pioneering and successful organizations have incorporated electronic commerce technologies in their business p..
In Colour The 6th-century rock-cut cave temple on Elephanta island, in the middle of Mumbai harbour, is the home of Shiva, the greatest of all Hindu gods. Elephanta leads the reader through this magnificent cave temple, examining its overall architectural scheme and interpreting the myths of Shiva t..
Elephants: Amazing Animals Series
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How much do elephants eat every day? Do elephants hold hands? What do they do when it gets very hot? Elephants are the largest land animals in the world! Come, discover the world of elephants! Kate Riggs tells you about where they are found, how heavy they are, how they like to play and much more.....
The brutal truth of why you are…where you are Eleven Commandments of Life Maximization does not claim to offer instant happiness, nor make us richer, thinner and younger-looking, but it tells us the brutal truth of why we are where we are and how to live our life. These are tried and tested rules, b..
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Palmistry is an attempt to prove the utility of Palmistry in our day-to-day and practical life by establishing the relation of palmistry with medicine and vocational guidance. It is the first authentic work on the science of palm reading in the form of a dictionary. The En..
For the first time, an authentic and comprehensive book on the mysteries of numbers, revealed by the ancient masters Encyclopedia of Numerology explores how you can prosper in life by using the power of your ruling number or by simply making a change in the spelling of your name. The author even exp..
The book covers: • Mind management – how to stay positive, happy and energised • Nutrition – how to lose weight easily and achieve great energy • Sleep – the secret to great sleep so you awake feeling energised • Exercise – how to get fit and energised with or without a gym • Computer use – healthy ..
Energy is an indispensable resource that is required to run the economy and sustain the well being of people. The rapidly developing economies of Third World countries like China and India need to generate increasing amounts of energy as they grow. However, the situation has become complicated after..
English Language & Composition is a user-friendly review book that will make any student—or those trying to help them—feel like he or she has a private tutor. Each chapter includes detailed questions that allow students to assess how well they’ve mastered each idea. Not only does the author provide ..
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