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Today’s the Day
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By picking up this book, you have already taken a first step toward succeeding in life. But will you take the next step... and the next? Will today be the day you finally resolve to do something positive with your life – no matter what difficulties you face? The world is made up of all kinds of peop..
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Together We Are One
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What is your true name? Where is your true home? Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh demonstrates how connecting with our ancestors and our unique cultural backgrounds can lead us to a deeper sense of community. The book includes insights on how to heal our individual and collective suffering, personal stori..
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Top Visionaries Who Changed the World
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Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson & Arnold Schwarzenegger What if you could sit down to dine with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and have a conversation with them? What would you ask them? What insights would they give to you? Find..
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Towards Winning
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An appetite for victory is crucial for all those who want to taste success in life. Overnight success is only a myth; no one achieves anything without thorough and methodical preparation – especially when it comes to career advancement. Towards Winning narrates the story of Dev, a management profess..
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Tracking Purnima
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A missing actress. A gutsy journalist. And a cold-blooded murder… 24-year old Aditi Sridhar is trying hard to establish herself as a newspaper reporter in Bangalore. In her first major feature article, Aditi, with her never-say-die spirit, resurrects Purnima, the once celebrated singer and actress f..
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Training Interventions
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Training Intervention takes account of the growing emphasis on self managed learning and competence based assessment. It provides a critical overview of the National framework and brings out the fundamental issues and principles, discussing the practical details of need assessment, planning, evaluat..
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Transforming Teams
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Only 26% of leaders create a high performing culture - that is why so many fail to achieve their targets! Leaders today are facing unprecedented change, huge challenges and uncertainty. Organisations expect the achievement of stretching targets, putting even more focus and pressure on the leader and..
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Treasure Island (jaico publication house)
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Jim Hawkin’s life of adventure began when he picked up an oilskin packet from captain Flint’s sea chest. It contained a map of an island where the captain had buried his treasure. So Jim set sail on the Hispaniola as a cabin-boy with his dream of amassing wealth. On the ship is the notorious crew fa..
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Treasury Risk Management
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Treasury risk management is very crucial in modern banking/financial institution functions the world over, especially as forces of deregulation and globalization gather momentum. Skillful risk management ensures profitability out of market-driven opportunities and this needs articulation. The Basel-..
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Trust Me Not
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A POLITICAL PUPPETMASTER A DIABOLICAL SCHEME A VOLATILE LOVE AFFAIR RISING CORPORATE STAR Reeva Rai is offered a prestigious position in a top-notch PR agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. But working with ENIGMATIC BILLIONAIRE Kunaal Kabi was not going to be easy. Even as she develops feeli..
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The five rules of a Twitchhiker: 1. You can only accept offers of travel and accommodation from people on Twitter. 2. You can’t make any travel plans further than three days in advance. 3. You can only spend money on food, drink and anything that fits in your suitcase. 4. If there is more than one o..
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Two Billion Heartbeats
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How do successful people become even more successful? Almost all effective people share a common trait – they set detailed goals, and plan the amount of effort they require to put into any project they wish to start. They leave no stone unturned in the process, and live by the DIY – do-it-yourself f..
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