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Shamim Padamsee

Awards 2008: Gold Medal, Children’s Book Awards, USA 2008: Gold Winner, NAPPA, USA There was once a prince who hated food. One day the royal cook gave him something new to eat... a hot golden ball, crisp outside, soft inside... a bonda! After that there is no stopping either the prince or this mad..
The great Mor Khan is coming from the city to choose actors for his new film. The birds of the jungle are in a flutter. What should they do to bag a role? The smart city crow steps in to help – and also settle scores with Vulture. In this zippy take on filmdom, the bird-loving author cleverly casts ..
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This is a sequel to Birdywood Buzz: Return of the Vulture. The birds are gathering in Birdywood for The Great Birdywood Games and birds are coming in from all over the world to participate in events that will decide who flies fastest and highest, and who is strongest. Amid much drama, tweeting and c..
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