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சிறுவர் கதை

Get in step with creatures and characters that stumble, race and leap through the pages! Dive into a sea of fables that will tickle your imagination and teach simple lessons for every day life. A greedy merchant kills his goose that lays golden eggs. A kind mouse helps a lion escape from the clutche..
7 Bனா சும்மாவா?கால்களை நீட்டிப் போட்டுக்கொண்டு குனிந்த தலை நிமிராமல் கடலை வரைந்து முடித்தாள் நிவேதிக்குட்டி.கடலுக்கு வண்ணம் தீட்டுவதுதான் மிச்சம்.அதைக் கொட்டி இதைத் தேடி என்று இறுதியாக மஞ்சள் மெழுகெடுத்து கடலுக்குத் தீட்டினாள்.பதறிப்போனவனாக கடல் நீலமாச்சே என்கிறேன்.“இல்ல,கடல் யெல்லோதான்.”“டிவில எல்ல..
Publisher: Tulika
Kuk.. Kuk.. The poor rooster can't KUKAROOKOO because his throat is so parched. There is not a drop of water left in the village pond. The only hope is to find a badwa who can ask the gods to send rain. What does the badwa tell them to do? Go home and paint! The adventure-filled origin myth about Bh..
A Kite Called Korika
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Publisher: Tulika
This story is set in a village in Andhra Pradesh. The monsoon has failed in Yellaiah's village and everything is dry and dusty. One day, he is sitting under a gnarled old peepal tree with an old woman called Rajamma who sells overripe fruits when he looks up at the sky and sees something black like ..
The Illustrated Ramayana One dark night, thousands of years ago, when saints and demons roamed the earth, a great and powerful king was born. He was called Ravana, “Loud Wailing,” for the cry of terror he incited in others. On that somber moonless night, blood poured from the heavens, and carnivorou..
Publisher: Tulika
Awards 2008: Gold Medal, Children’s Book Awards, USA 2008: Gold Winner, NAPPA, USA There was once a prince who hated food. One day the royal cook gave him something new to eat... a hot golden ball, crisp outside, soft inside... a bonda! After that there is no stopping either the prince or this mad..
The year was 1775, England and France tottered on the brink of a revolution. The people were oppressed and starved on account of the King’s neglect to run the affairs of their respective countries. The revolt that brewed was more prominent in London and Paris where people were caught up in the whirl..
Enter a world of fables where all kinds of creatures come to life! A witty hare rids the jungle of an evil tiger. An army of frogs drives an elephant away from their pond. A raven tricks a guard into killing a wicked serpent. An intelligent fox talks his way out of a well to save his own life. Each ..
Publisher: Tulika
Holiday plans for Aditi and the others go off track when a runaway computer programme, the irrepressible Mistress i, decides to take refuge with them. Hot on her heels is the scientist who created her, who threatens to put them in jail for kidnapping. And in the midst of all the commotion, Beautiful..
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