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Alida is the newborn heir of a business empire who is snatched from her cradle by an intruder with a gun. The Mumbai Police prioritize the case of her kidnapping and launch a rigorous investigation.No one is exempt from suspicion: neither family nor friends nor acquaintances. Follow the Mumbai Polic..
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And The Roots Go Deep
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A time travel fiction that begins in 2037 A.D with Dev, a Mars Mission specialist, traumatized by a Tsunami in Japan. Dev’s brain travels back and forth on a timeline when he is asleep and starts visualizing himself as Prince Rajendra Cholan of the ancient past, John Wilbur and Saravanan of recent t..
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Boundless and Bare
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Thanjai Prakash is known for his bold stories that talk about the complexities and absurdities in man-woman relationships and the attendant socio-economic issues. Boundless and Bare-1 presents ten stories cherry-picked from his work that offer us a great insight into the lives of the middle-class of..
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When we listen to Tchaikovsky’s symphonies, we can visualize snow falling gently on to the ground. All of Tchaikovsky’s fans have attested to this fact. Similarly while reading Sathana’s tales, I could feel the ice and slowly drifting snowfall. Such stories have not appeared in Tamil earlier. Each o..
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Children Of Mama Asili
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When a ten-year-old Tanya discovers a mysterious, furry creature in her balcony, unbeknownst of its identity or origin, she embraces it into her life and unknowingly changes the course of her world’s history.The world little Tanya has inherited is centred around the fictional and futuristic colony o..
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Expose Your Leadership D N A
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” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way shows the way,” said John C Maxwell and Vasu has put that to Play in this simple and erudite compilation. Much to follow in the same suit this book has set itself on a path of being amongst the “unputdownable” must-reads. Suresh Krishnaswamy- Direct..
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he beauty of Lakshmi Saravanakumar’s novel, Huntsman, lies in how masterfully Saravanakumar weaves issues of ecology and wildlife, rights of forest dwellers, and the clash between the traditional and the modern in a plot that is as gripping as the moments one might spend sitting on a machan on a tal..
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Journey Dog Tales
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Journey Dog Tales is a humorous, mildly politically incorrect, goofy set of real and imagined stories breezy enough to make millions smile. Arindam shares bits about Bapia-his father, Musa, the tablet breaker, Meid Zais from some desert, Agarbatti and her Indian born James Bond, amidst their chaos..
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Marginal Man
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Udhaya is a virile hedonist, an angsty writer, a discriminating connoisseur, a reverent Francophile and an abrasive critic. Time-tested, seasoned and experienced, he transports the reader to the rustic streets of Thanjavur, the buzzing locality of Mylapore, the boondocks of Delhi, the most engaging ..
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MID AIR MISHAPS - Pattukkottai Prabakar( Translator - B. Lavanya) :A terrorist group is out to eliminate a pilot, a brigadier and a deserter who turned the tables on them during a hijacking a few years ago. Connections, histories, and secrets surface when a filmmaking duo looking to make their comme..
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