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ஸீரோ டிகிரி பப்ளிஷிங்

Alida is the newborn heir of a business empire who is snatched from her cradle by an intruder with a gun. The Mumbai Police prioritize the case of her kidnapping and launch a rigorous investigation.No one is exempt from suspicion: neither family nor friends nor acquaintances. Follow the Mumbai Polic..
Udhaya is a virile hedonist, an angsty writer, a discriminating connoisseur, a reverent Francophile and an abrasive critic. Time-tested, seasoned and experienced, he transports the reader to the rustic streets of Thanjavur, the buzzing locality of Mylapore, the boondocks of Delhi, the most engaging ..
MID AIR MISHAPS - Pattukkottai Prabakar( Translator - B. Lavanya) :A terrorist group is out to eliminate a pilot, a brigadier and a deserter who turned the tables on them during a hijacking a few years ago. Connections, histories, and secrets surface when a filmmaking duo looking to make their comme..
OUT OF THE BLUE - Indra Soundar Rajan(Translator - Aswini Kumar):..
Ponniyin Selvan: Fresh Floods (1)
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Ponniyin Selvan is Kalki R Krishnamurthy’s magnum opus, set in 10th century Tamil Nadu, exploring the early life of Emperor Rajaraja the 1st. It might have been written more than 60 years ago, but this saga is timeless, reeling in readers with a gripping plot interwoven with intrigue, conspiracies, ..
Shadow of the Palm Tree is set in Goa, India’s very own Shangri-la. It opens with a heart-rending tragedy: the death of a mother at her own hands. Yet the shadow of sadness cast on the Abreus took shape in the 1700s, when the family converted to Christianity and joined the most lucrative enterprise ..
A transporting tale set around the shifting power dynamics of viciously aggressive investors who enter a nation to maraud lt’s resources and will stop at nothing to make money. A stunning meditation on human nature and survival instincts, this novel poses intense moral questions. Discover a world of..
THE VERDICT WILL SEEK YOU - PATTUKKOTTI PRABAKAR (Translator - Yogeshwari Sampath) :Nirmal Kumar is a movie star whose perfect image and seemingly perfect life a dangerous predator is a hell-bent on ruining. while on a cozy vacation, his life is turned upside -down when he becomes the sole suspect i..
Madhan while explaining historical events uses modern similes. Absolutely the best thing to do. He is actually making history interesting and identifiable. In spite of being a cartoonist in his previous avatar Madhan did not caricature the Moghul Emperors and their subjects. I am so pleased he did n..
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