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I Am That

What does the life come from and where does it go? What is beyond the changing? What are we striving..

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Joking Around

To be able to celebrate life is religion — in that very celebration you come close to God. If one is..

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Krishna (Osho)

OSHO continues to inspire millions of people worldwide in their search to define a new approach to i..

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Tao: The Golden Gate

Talks on Ko Husain's the Classics of Purity, Tao seems to be the only life vision which is total. It..

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The Art of Dying

In The Art of Dying, Osho talks about how to live a rewarding life so that every individual can expe..

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The Diamond Sword

“IF WE WANT MANKIND TO BECOME HEALTHY; if we want the terrorism that is increasing everywhere and be..

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The First Principle Talks On Zen

In  The First Principle  Osho captures the unique, colorful, seemingly-crazy spirit of Zen through t..

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The Great Secret

This quest has been going on for countless lives. Sometimes you call it the search for truth. But yo..

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The Hidden Splendor

This book is a pilgrimage in search of that indefinable something that all of us, at some time or ot..

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The Last Morning Star

The last morning star symbolizes all that is ephemeral in the world. Talking on the playful and prov..

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The Razor’s Edge

This question and answer book tells a true story of great trust, love, and humor between Osho and th..

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The Rebel

Here are words like fire from a truly rebellious man. Here is a book for TODAY, a much-needed declar..

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The Revolution

A new vision is needed in the world, a new vision which will be as scientific as possible and as rel..

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The Song of Ecstasy

“Shankara is a unique person. And it is very easy to misunderstand the unique person because he is b..

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The Supreme Doctrine

The Upanishads can be read today as contemporary sources of wisdom, despite being many thousands of ..

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