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A new vision is needed in the world, a new vision which will be as scientific as possible and as religious as possible. That I call revolution. The world is waiting for that revolution, the world is hungry for that revolution, where religion and science can disappear into each other, where East and ..
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“Shankara is a unique person. And it is very easy to misunderstand the unique person because he is beyond your common understanding. It seemed to people that he was a logician, a great logician. But can a great logician say, ‘Sing! Dance! Sing the song of the divine’? It is just not possible for him..
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The Upanishads can be read today as contemporary sources of wisdom, despite being many thousands of years old. They are direct transmissions of truth – and truth is eternal, above religious dogma and tradition – but because of their antiquity, they can appear cloaked in a mysterious language, which ..
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The White Lotus is a beautiful symbol. White represents multidimensionality, because white contains all the colors of the spectrum. That is the most strange, unbelievable quality about white: it contains all the colors yet it seems to be colorless. But it contains all those colors in such synthesis,..
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Remember the word ‘this’. This very place the Lotus paradise... And once you have known your source, wherever you are, you are in the Lotus paradise. This very place the Lotus paradise, And this very body the Buddha.  And whatsoever you do — whatsoever,  without any conditions — is the expression of..
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