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கிழக்கு பதிப்பகம்

The South African struggle for freedom. Nelson Mandela, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, was among the great leaders of what is today, an equal South Africa. Read about his life, his struggles against the government, years spent at prison and the final push for freedom in simple prose...
Scientists have called him a genius, a prophet, a visionary. He transformed the study of optics and established the principles of celestial workings. His universal laws of gravity gave us an insight into the mysterious forces exerted by the Earth. It was he who, for the first time, explained the nat..
பெரும் முதலீடு, உலகத் தரம், நவீன தொழில்நுட்பம் என்று ஆயிரம் பாஸிடிவ் விஷயங்கள் இருந்தாலும், தகுந்த விற்பனை பிரதிநிதிகள் இல்லாவிட்டால் ஒரு நிறுவனத்தின் வளர்ச்சி தேக்கமடைந்துவிடும். அந்த வகையில், ஒரு நிறுவனத்தின் வளர்ச்சியைத் தீர்மானிக்கும் சக்தி, சேல்ஸ்மேன். நுணுக்கமான தொழில்திறன், அறிவியல்பூர்வமான அ..
மாபெரும் திட்டங்களை, மிகப் பெரிய கனவுகளைச் சுமந்துகொண்டிருக்கிறீர்களா? திறமை,உழைப்பு, விடாமுயற்சி அத்தனையும் இருந்தும்,குறிப்பிட்ட இலக்கை அடைய முடியாதபடி ஏதோ ஒரு முட்டைப்பூச்சி இம்சிக்கிறதா? ஆம் எனில் இந்தப் புத்தகம் உங்களுக்குத்தான். செல்ஃபோனில் எவ்வளவு நேரம் பேசலாம்? கல்யாணப் பந்தியில் கடைப்பிடிக்..
Planet Earth, has been a wonderful home for us. A planet that has within it seas and oceans, icy plains and sandy deserts, and many, many, interesting places and features. But how did the Earth become like this? When was it born? What could happen to Earth in the future? Why are we humans living on ..
The world came to know of Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 when Gitanjali, a collection of devotional lyrics won him the Nobel Prize for Literature. This magnificent poet laureate’s journey began in 1861. By the end of his life, he was a poet unparalleled, a dramatist of many genres and a political and s..
The bold and fearless Manikarnika was given in marriage to Raja Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi at the age of fourteen. After marriage she was given the name Lakshmi Bai. Following the death of Raja Gangadhar Rao, the British refused to acknowledge her adopted son in following the Doctrine of Lapse. The Ran..
The Romeo-Juliet love story is a wonderful piece of literature that captured the hearts of millions because of the dramatic turn of events in its climax. It is the ill-will between the families of Romeo and Juliet that comes in the way of true love between the two. Meaningless encounters, unnecessar..
Introduction to the life and times of Shakespeare. Shakespeare is perhaps the most popular dramatist in the world even today, several centuries after his death. He wrote thirty eight plays, two long poems and a hundred and fifty four sonnets. This book is an insight into his life, his works and some..
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