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Short Stories | சிறுகதைகள்

Short & Shorter Stories
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Short & Shorter Stories is a lovely pictorial collection of stories curated vastly from the Indian subcontinent. From Indian folk tales of Bengal and Rajasthan, to folk tales of Kashmir and Burma, the book provides a delightful glimpse into the rich, distinct and ancient cultural heritages of divers..
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Snacks For The Soul
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Snacks For The Soul is a collection of stories that offer emotional, intellectual and spiritual nourishment. The ‘snacks’ come in a variety of flavors – the sweet, the bitter, the sad, the joyous, the spicy and the pungent! There are tastes to suit every palate, tastes that will linger long in your ..
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Sons Of Pandu
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Hundreds of years ago, on the field of Kurukshetra, the entire warrior race of North India destroyed itself in a great battle. The events that led up to this disaster are recounted in the Mahabharata. As in all ancient epics, the story is based on historical facts, embellished by myth and legend. A ..
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Spiritual Gems of Islam
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Over the centuries, Islamic sages have passed down profound insights and valuable practices from sacred texts and from their meditation and knowledge of the heart. This book invites you – no matter what your practice may be – to access the treasures of Islamic spirituality, particularly Sufism, and ..
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Tales From 1001 Arabian Nights
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These tales comprise of fantasy and a whimsical plot arrangement; the story goes thus: Shahryar, king of India, inflamed with jealousy by his wife’s infidelity and wanton ways, executes her. After which he resolves to take revenge on all womankind. Hence, each night after having betrothed a beautifu..
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Tales from The Arabian Nights
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Publisher: Rupa Publications
Stories from The Arabian Nights have enthralled readers for centuries. Narrated by Queen Scheherazade to save herself from death, the collection comprises stories of adventure, bravado, tragedy, comedy, romance and much more. Many of the stories have been adapted into modernized versions, films and ..
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The Best of O. Henry
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This is a collection of short stories from the vast corpus of work that O. Henry has left behind. These selected stories not only give the reader a chance to read some of the best known of his works but also bear ample evidence of the wide range of his writings. Humorous and energetic, O. Henry’s st..
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The Comic Teachings of Mulla Nasruddin and Other Treasures
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The legendary Mulla Nasruddin is a village simpleton and sage rolled into one. The stories of his wisdom, timeless and placeless, emanate from a source beyond book learning and contain several layers of meaning. In this unique book, Imam Jamal Rahman weaves together Islamic spiritual insights with t..
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