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Zero degree/எழுத்து பிரசுரம்

Fire Of Sumatra
-5 %
A massive red fire demon came fiercely, swallowing jungles and burping them out as smoke. It killed several lives on its way and separated a tigress from its three cubs. The three-perspective story follows the lives of the three cubs, the separated mother and a team of environmentalists who relentl..
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he beauty of Lakshmi Saravanakumar’s novel, Huntsman, lies in how masterfully Saravanakumar weaves issues of ecology and wildlife, rights of forest dwellers, and the clash between the traditional and the modern in a plot that is as gripping as the moments one might spend sitting on a machan on a tal..
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ISI - நிழல் அரசின் நிஜ முகம்
-5 %
பாகிஸ்தானின் உளவு ஏஜென்சியான ISI குறித்த விரிவான அறிமுகத்தைத் தருகிறது இந்நூல். பாகிஸ்தானின் முதல் பிரதமர் லியாகத் அலி கான் காலத்தில் தோற்றுவிக்கப்பட்ட இந்த அமைப்பின் இருப்பும் செயல்பாடுகளும் இன்றளவும் மர்மமானவையே. இந்தியாவில் நிகழும் எந்த ஒரு பயங்கரவாதச் செயலும் ஐ.எஸ்.ஐயுடன் தொடர்புடையதாக நமக்கு ..
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Journey Dog Tales
-5 %
Journey Dog Tales is a humorous, mildly politically incorrect, goofy set of real and imagined stories breezy enough to make millions smile. Arindam shares bits about Bapia-his father, Musa, the tablet breaker, Meid Zais from some desert, Agarbatti and her Indian born James Bond, amidst their chaos..
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Marginal Man
-5 %
Udhaya is a virile hedonist, an angsty writer, a discriminating connoisseur, a reverent Francophile and an abrasive critic. Time-tested, seasoned and experienced, he transports the reader to the rustic streets of Thanjavur, the buzzing locality of Mylapore, the boondocks of Delhi, the most engaging ..
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-5 %
MID AIR MISHAPS - Pattukkottai Prabakar( Translator - B. Lavanya) :A terrorist group is out to eliminate a pilot, a brigadier and a deserter who turned the tables on them during a hijacking a few years ago. Connections, histories, and secrets surface when a filmmaking duo looking to make their comme..
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Misplaced heads
-5 %
The shift in the time frames, from past to present are seamlessly flowing with respective characters. The novelist has done dense research in every detail of the repertoire, the training of the devadasis, and their style. I was awestruck. It was mind-blowing, to think about how she could even deciph..
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Music Mystique MS- Ramanan
-5 %
It is quite a challenge to record the life story of a legend after her lifetime. Apart from going through available records, it was also necessary to talk to a number of people to collect the details of incidents and events in her life. These still remain treasured memories of those who had had the ..
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-5 %
OUT OF THE BLUE - Indra Soundar Rajan(Translator - Aswini Kumar):..
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Ponniyin selvan (Part 1)
-5 %
Ponniyin Selvan is Kalki R Krishnamurthy’s magnum opus, set in 10th century Tamil Nadu, exploring the early life of Emperor Rajaraja the 1st. It might have been written more than 60 years ago, but this saga is timeless, reeling in readers with a gripping plot interwoven with intrigue, conspiracies, ..
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